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My name is Andrzej JĂłzefowicz. I work as a petsitter for more than 5 years now. I gained a lot of experience working in zoo-hotel in Zakopane. I had opportunity to take care of many different breeds of dogs like beagle, greyhound, husky, pug, yorkk, and many, many others.

Additionaly, my father works in Tatra Mountain Rescue Service, as an avalanche dog handler that he trained by himself, that allowed me to learn rules of working with animals. Moreover, since childhood I had contact with many different animals. My family home was filled with stray dogs and cats, and I, when only my situation will allowedme to do so, am planning to buy my own dog.

When it comes to my work experience, not only I had previously mentioned opportunities, but also I was working as stimulant in course of professional dog trainings.